How to make the Bitcoin transaction

Many people have questions about how to make the Bitcoin transaction, create and use wallets or access different online exchanges. Thus, setting up a Bitcoin wallets or make very first Bitcoin transaction is bit difficult without proper guidance.


What will be needed to get started?

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Wallet
  • Computer, laptop, or device with necessary internet access.


  • If you follow this guidance, you can make the successful set up of wallet and Bitcoin transaction
  • This guidance will allow you to send the Bitcoin as forms of payment for any situation.
  • You can use this guidance to send bitcoin as payment for purchase on an online which accepts the Bitcoin payments.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Download a Wallet

Step 2: Deposit Bitcoins

Step 3: Send your Bitcoin


Step 1: Download a wallet

The first thing is you should have the wallet access in order to send out the Bitcoin or do the Bitcoin transaction. For android phone users, you can search “Bitcoin.com Wallet” in the Google play store. Thus, iOS device you can get on app store. Once you find the “Bitcoin wallet” from bitcoin.com install the wallet

Desktop users also can do the same thing by searching “Bitcoin.com Wallet” on your browser. When you reach the “bitcoin.com wallet” landing page will appear, you will be directed to download the appropriate version of their wallet onto your computer.


Source: https://wallet.bitcoin.com

Step 2: Deposit the Bitcoin into your wallet

Once you set up your Bitcoin wallet, you have to deposit any Bitcoin that you do own into it. If you haven’t Bitcoin already, you have to share your wallet address to your sender to send the Bitcoin to your wallet.

Source: https://www.bitcoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/receive.png

Step 3: Send Your Bitcoin

Once your Bitcoin wallet is ready or deposited the Bitcoin into your wallet, you are ready to send the Bitcoin to another Bitcoin wallet and execute a transaction. To execute this, just click on the “send” tab and enter the receiver’s wallet address. You can do this by copying and pasting the address or using QR code scanner as well.

Finally, you have to enter the input amount of the Bitcoin which you want to send and confirm the transaction. Now you have done your very first transaction. Remember you can’t send Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash wallet and vice versa, therefore be careful of what you are sending to what address you are sending it to.

Secure your information

Now you have made a successful Bitcoin transaction. Thus, you have to make several things to secure your funds. Make sure to safely store your backup or recovery phrase that was given when you open the wallet. Very important thing is secure the code access from others because it can be used to access your digital currency. You have to consider to using cold storage devices like paper or hardware which don’t have the access with internet in order to reduce the risk of security breaches. Make sure to away from any obvious scam which may request to access your information.

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