How to Set Up a Twitter Account for Your Business

Twitter is the one of the most effective social media network and providing micro blogging service. According to the statistics it has 330 million monthly active users and 134 million daily users. Further every user spending 3.39 minutes per session. It is the right social media to promote your business. Setting up the business profile is easier than you think

Here is the step-by-step guide to create your business profile

1.Go to www.twitter.com and sign up. Use your name, email and a password. Use your real name and email. You can customize your profile later. You can use your email or phone number to create the account.

 Note: Twitter will allow only one account per email. If you have already personal account, you need to use the different email to set up your business account

2. Account verification. Once you enter the use name and email Twitter will send the verification code and ask you to verify the account. You can get the verification code through your email or Phone

3. Join Twitter.Once you verify the account Twitter will ask you to create the password. You need to entre more the 6 characters to setup the password. Use the strong password with different characters in order to protect your profile.

4.Upload your profile image. Here you will ask you to upload your photo. It gives your profile identity.

Tip: Upload your photo relevant to the brand image.

5. Add your bio.Write about your business and you can add maximum 160 characters

6.Build your time line 1. Twitter will ask you to select some topics. You can select from different Category or you can skip this option

7.Build your timeline 2.Then Twitter will ask you to follow some people you know. You should follow 3 people from that section. Then twitter will ask you to turn on the notification option you can skip this option

Now you setup your profile.

Now you can customize your profile. Go to profile and click edit profile. Here is where you can change your username.

8.Upload Cover image.Your header shows up as the background to your Twitter photo. Again, keep your Twitter Header branded. It shows up on mobile too, so it is important to include this in your Twitter account.

The recommended dimensions for a header are 1252 x 626, with maximum file size of 5MB

9. Add website. Enter your business website, through that your followers easily can access your website

Note: Please avoid adding your business started date. Twitter will block you if it is not older than 13 years.

Tip: As you develop more followers on Twitter, and you are using Twitter to market certain social sites, or special promotions, you can change always change this website to direct your Twitter traffic to particular landing pages.

Tip: In your bio, add something personal or quirky about your company. As in most social media platforms, adding a personal touch resonates with your audience, and customers are more likely to follow you if they see your personality shine through.

10.Facebook.It allows integrating with Facbook page and it allow you to post your Tweets to your Facebook page.

11.Click “Save Changes”.

To see your completed Twitter profile, click on “profile”

You are now ready to send your first Tweet!

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